This is a compilation of the best “trance” music I have ever heard in 5 years of listening to many different genres of trance, such as: hard trance, techno, EDM, dance, nightcore, progressive, dance, hands-up, etc. PLEASE NOTE: this is not a Top 10 video, this is simply a compilation of the best trance songs from many genres, since I couldn’t pick any song to be better than the other, I like all these songs the same! ALSO: some of these songs have copyright claims on them, so don’t be surprised if one or two of the songs is muted, (which I hope doesn’t happen of course) also, some of the owners of these songs might ban this mix in some countries, or even worldwide, I will try my best not to let this happen, but if it does get taken down, I will try to re-upload it, but in the case that this video is banned in your country or some of the songs are muted, you can always look in the description (down here) for the playlist in order with timestamps. If this video gets taken down forever, there is a YouTube playlist with all of the original videos on my channel under playlists titled: BEST ELECTRONIC MUSIC
DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of the songs in this video, this video still supports the original owners of these songs because it contains ads in it that rightfully fund the original owners of these songs, I also do not monetize this video due to these songs not belonging to me

1. Cosmic Gate – The Wave (0:00-3:33)
2. DJ Mangoo – Eurodancer (3:33-6:47)
3. Micast Feat. Skinny Jeans – Ballad Of High Noon (Raindropz! Remix Edit) (6:47-10:01)
4. DJ Splash – This Is My Life (10:01-13:29)
5. DJ Raaban – Drop The Base (13:29-16:40)
6. East Clubbers – Drop (16:40-21:45)
7. Basshunter – Now You’re Gone (16:40-24:27)
8. Wavetraxxx – A New Day (24:27-32:59)
9. Technikal – Terminal Velocity (32:59-40:20)
10. Atmosphere – Storm (Alphazone Remix) (40:20-48:39)
11. DJ Roberto K – Everyday (48:39-54:22)
12. Transit One – Black Ice (54:22-1:02:24)
13. 009 Sound System – Dreamscape (1:02:24-1:10:55)
14. The Hitmen (DJ Zex short mix) – Like I Love You (1:10:55-1:15:07)

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8 Responses to “BEST TRANCE SONGS (all time)”

  1. THEXPERT. NL says:

    its no trance its happy hardcore, (great list)

  2. Brandon Ambrosio says:

    Great list of tracks!! Only wish the quality was better cause its really low volume. But like i said great video.

  3. Surendra Kaintura says:

    Best trance

  4. says:

    excellent upload

  5. Hard Soundz Teamâ„¢ says:

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  6. Zillion1950 Channel says:

    Good songs, but going use as a soundtrack, Thank you.

  7. Zillion1950 Channel says:

    Good songs. So amazing.

  8. Alexey Khalimonov says:

    Great mix man, good job on the mix, I didn't know you were into trance music, love these songs, you definitely have a great taste of trance, please upload more!

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