6 Music Festival Travel Hacks You Need to Know

If you’re already buying tickets to music festivals this Summer, we partnered with Hilton for packing hacks that will make your next weekend concert awesome. Packing for a music festival is a whole different experience than prepping for any other travel adventure. You’re heading to an open field or hot desert with limited resources, so bringing all your essentials is a must. Make it easy with six hacks straight from a music junkie who has hit the scene – and knows what to bring. You’ll be able to enjoy your next weekend fest with everything needed to rock on.

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12 Responses to “6 Music Festival Travel Hacks You Need to Know”

  1. theponsway says:

    yeah as if I'd get into a festival with a huge umbrella.

  2. Caroline Petta says:

    Funny how all this shit will probably be lost within the first 2 days. Lol.

  3. sbowesuk says:

    Hmmm, not the worst tips I've seen, but far from the best:

    Hair – Loose hair at a longer festival isn't advisable, since before long it'll look crappy, and generally get in the way. Just keep it braided or out of the way to avoid unnecessary hastle.

    Fanny Pack – Good idea, but don't mix creams/liquid and unprotected electronic. Put the liquids in a separate compartment, or clear plastic bag. Also invest in a waterproof fanny pack for added protection from the elements.

    Sunscreen – Consider spray on sunscreen, since it can be easier to apply. Matt spray sunscreen for the face will avoid that greasy look.

    Cash – Definitely take it, but don't keep it all in one place, incase it gets stolen or lost.

    Solar Charger – Not ideal for festivals, as they need to be out in the open to work properly, which increases the chances of theft, and/or rain damage. Just take a regular power bank, so your gear doesn't have to be out while charging.

    Lanyard Shower Caddy: Good idea, as long as you have toiletries that can actually fit on the lanyard.

    Umbrella Beacon: Although beacons are a good idea, an umbrella will be utterly impractical at most busy music festivals.

    Water Jug Lantern: It'll be nowhere near as effective as an actual tent lantern, which cost a mere $5, and can actually be hung up to a tent hook.

    Foam Tiles: Festival goers already have a lot to lug around. Adding a big pile of tiles to that would be a huge hastle. Also, those tiles are not designed for sleeping on. A proper sleeping mat (e.g. the self inflating kind) will be far superior for sleeping, and far easier to carry.

  4. Katie wood says:

    It's nice to see some new faces in popsugar. Xxxxx

  5. cherie88cc92 says:

    whah the bathroom thingy was  a great idea!

  6. Jenn says:

    That umbrella looks like garbage. No thanks.

    And seriously. Wearing 2 day old hair in the heat and dirt?! Stay the hell away from me, nasty!

  7. LAYPaulina says:

    NOPE. You cannot bring umbrellas, nor most of the liquid products shown here. :/ Only maybe your water, not in all of them…

  8. Brittany Heimer says:

    Yeahhhh this won't work at warped…

  9. Kessy Mar says:

    Gonna need those hacks at Warped

  10. Zane O says:

    I don't know how it is in the big festivals but you l can't bring umbrella in festival teritory only in tent city. I'm kinda pissed that I can't bring water with me , it's not fun to wait in endless lines for expensive water when it's hot outside.

  11. timothy tim says:

    Don't forget dry shampoo!

  12. Anna Bos says:

    15th like 🙂 i love this type of video!

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