Above and beyond – Secret (Andrew Bayer Mix)

above and beyond (album oceanlab) track: Secret

12 January 2018 Above And Beyond , , , ,

10 Responses to “Above and beyond – Secret (Andrew Bayer Mix)”

  1. Xusez Pedretroll says:

    Awesome track, as usual with Bayer. Perfect as an opener for a set. In fact there is a mixed version of sirens of the sea on youtube that opens with this track and it's pretty cool

  2. sniderflok says:

    Amazing song !!!!

  3. Janel Schmidt says:

    fucking loveee this song

  4. Alan Arroyo says:

    9 people had technical difficulties and had no audio…

  5. Leone Hassiotti says:

    There is imagination here…..the sound has good qualities and, color….well done!!!

  6. Adrenalin Room says:

    This is truly awesome! We love it!

  7. Sacha-yves jean-louis says:

    A sentence that changed everything!

  8. ROLi djXtraordinar says:


  9. Rigoberto Acevedo says:

    nice track!!!!

  10. George Siriani says:

    this song is fucking greaaaaaaat…

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