How To Add Vocals On House Music

A teaser from our online course “How To Produce House Music” .

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In this video course we explain:

– Laying down a House beat using a drum machine or software
– Structuring an entire arrangement
– Creating a breakdown and a “drop” section
– Writing an effective bassline
– Creating a riff to make your track memorable
– Working out transitions to improve the flow of the track
– Applying effects
– Mixing and finalising the track for the dance floor

You will also be able to download our original TR-909 samples, groove templates and the multitrack session for you to practice with.
Finally, you’ll have access to the course forum to share your questions and get direct answers from the Doctor Mix Team.

This episode 7 is about How To Add Vocals On House Music.
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4 Responses to “How To Add Vocals On House Music”

  1. bubz75 says:

    Bumpin Track!

  2. Flo Rademacher says:

    really great tutorials.
    can you tell me please
    which stands you use for the tr909 and the maschine ? the stand looks very nice.

  3. Dilla Oniel says:

    what kind of delay yu using 1/8 ,1/6 or so

  4. Michael Davidog says:

    hey man! why not free? what the problem? you are seems pretty rich

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