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People of all Festivals around the world daveepa is live streaming the best Warm Up Music for Festivals in 2018 – 24/7 Music Live Stream of EDM, Mashups & Remixes of Popular Songs, Electro & House and some Trap Music too!

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β—’ Q&A:
What is this?
β€’ This is a non-stop radio / music live stream

What is the name of the track right now?
β€’ Check on screen where it says: “Now Playing”.

How many tracks does the playlist contain?
β€’ at the moment over 200 songs & my own released and unreleased Festival / EDM Mixes.

Where can i find the full playlist?
β€’ I am currently searching for a solution on this issue, until then you can follow my Spotify Playlist.

A Mix is playing right now! How can I find the track I was looking for?
β€’ below is a List with all the Mixes you are able to hear in my stream, just check for the right Mix name and click on the link next to it!

How long will this be online?
β€’ As long as I do not need to restart or the server crashes it should be online!

What music genre will be played here?
β€’ from EDM, Deep House, Trap, Future House to Electro (everything lol).

Where can I find all the backgrounds & pictures?
β€’ You can find a full list with all photographs & models I use pictures of here: *coming soon*

What is this super chat button?
β€’ It is some sort of Donation button / link – feel free to use this instead of donate via the link 3rd party sites.

— Changelog since 12.12.2017 (Updates) —
β€’ 15.12.2017 – Started
β€’ 30.12.2017 – Added new tracks (restart)
β€’ 17.01.2018 – Added new tracks, title adjustments (restart)
β€’ 19.01.2018 – New thumbnail for 2018
β€’ 27.01.2018 – Added new tracks (restart)
β€’ 5.02.2018 – Added new tracks, new thumbnail, title adjustments (restart)
β€’ 16.02.2018 – Added new tracks
β€’ 19.02.2018 – Added new tracks

β—’ Tracklists of Mixes:
Introducing The Festival Radio 2018

β—’ Wallpapers by:
β€’ Insomniac
β€’ Remy de Klein
β€’ Alexander Belavin
β€’ Dmitry Usyk
β€’ Alexander Mavrin
β€’ Ivan Gorokhov
β€’ Miro Hofmann
β€’ Kristina Bazan
β€’ Marina Shimkovich

(if you see yourself on one of the pictures, please let me know and I will add credit to you here!)

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