How To Film A Music Festival

Music Festival season is approaching soon! So today we talk about tips for filming your first Music Festival. What to expect, and what to prepare for!

Many of you will be attending Ultra Music Festival, Digital Dreams, VELD, Coachella, Oshega and more festivals around the world. If you are a filmmaker and you get one of these music festivals as a client and are creating videos for them, I give a few tips to help you survive the production process.

Filming music festivals is fun but a lot of craziness happens, TRUST ME!

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10 Responses to “How To Film A Music Festival”

  1. Azul Brumoso says:

    This is so helpful! I just discovered your channel and subscribed right away, so much great content.

  2. Ollie Heinamann says:

    What a legend! Awesome video bro. Keep it up.

  3. Mark Dabu says:

    Very helpful thank you! Just a question for the beginner with no festival filming experience. How do you get your foot in the door? Networking is a big part I'm sure but wanted to hear your opinion!

  4. MrFotoGenix says:

    YES, correct gonna pop my festival cherry at the Southport Weekender in Finsbury Park London. Main priority will be stills but I'll be taking my GoPro to get some footage too. Some great tips bro. Many thanks and much more success to you.

  5. Manny G says:

    I can totally see this channel conjure up over a million+ subs. Keep it up bro, some channels take years before the real numbers start piling up all of a sudden. The quality is real.

  6. Brandon Erlinger-Ford says:

    ive filmed some pretty big name artists but want to get into more festivals, how do you apply to be a filmer for more gigs? how do you get yourself out there more?

  7. Shane Humphrey says:

    hey i have shot a few concerts, but i am trying to do festivals. and i dont know how the hell i could get a credential…who should i work for etc. because my blog isnt a credible source yet

  8. Nasty Brkdwn says:

    lol mannn you're NOT lying about the protect your gear part. I film HELLA concerts and always run into the situation with somebody either hitting my camera, an artist throwing water off stage or other elements. You gave some good tips tho, I never thought about the whole "directing" of a shot with getting ppl to do something on demand, thanks for that idea.

    Since you did the filming of a music fest, can we get a quick "editing of a music festival" tutorial? lol this is where i always rack my brain about how to put the clips together into something cohesive. Thanks for the vids tho, I'm digging your channel.

  9. Nick Rose says:

    nice video. Have you got any tips for filming when it gets dark?

  10. MRKOA says:

    Dope Brodie.. Really fluid!

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