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Why Music Festivals Are Becoming a Total Joke

Why Music Festivals Are Becoming a Total Joke

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Today, I sat down to spill my thoughts on modern music festivals and the biggest problems they’re facing. What’s ruining festivals? Is it greed, the lack of diversity in the bills, the fact that there’s way too many, or something else entirely?

Hope you guys enjoy this video, let me know if you enjoy my discussion videos that feature very little editing to give a “stream of consciousness” vibe. PS, if you’re going to Boston Calling, drop a comment and let me know! (Maybe) See you there!

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7.02.2018 Gospel Music Festivals Live 1080p 38th Anniversary | Palakollu DAY3 | Ps John Wesley Garu

7.02.2018 Gospel Music Festivals Live 1080p 38th Anniversary | Palakollu DAY3 | Ps John Wesley Garu

7.2.2018 | 38th Anniversary Gospel Music Festivals #Live Day 3 | Venkatapuram, Palakollu Mandal | #Live #HosannaMandirRajahmundry #HosannaMinistries

☞ Songs by A.R.Stevenson
☞ Message by Ps John Wesley anna (Hosanna Ministries Rajahmundry)


Watch Ps John Wesely anna Live Songs Full HD :

1. Utshahaganamu-
2. Krupashemamu, Vijayasheluda, Kanikarapurnuda mix-
3. Lemmu Tejarillumu-
4. Mahonnatuda NeKrupalo-
5. Na Sthutipatruda Na Yeayya-
6. Sthutiganamey padana-
7. Krupasatya..sampurnuda-
8. Neveyna Santoshaganamu-
9. Athyunnatha simhasanamupai-
10. Neveyna Santoshaganamu-
11. Yesayya Nanu Korukunna-
12. Sarirarevvaru Na Priyudaina Yesayyaku-
13. Avadulululeni Divyamaina Ne Krupa-

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BEST EDM Festival Radio 🎉 24/7 Music Live Stream | Electro & House Mashup, Remix Party Dance Music

BEST EDM Festival Radio 🎉 24/7 Music Live Stream |  Electro & House Mashup, Remix Party Dance Music

People of all Festivals around the world daveepa is live streaming the best Warm Up Music for Festivals in 2018 – 24/7 Music Live Stream of EDM, Mashups & Remixes of Popular Songs, Electro & House and some Trap Music too!

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Ten Essentials to Bring to a Music Festival!

Ten Essentials to Bring to a Music Festival!

the ten things YOU should remember to bring to a music festival! think of any i forgot? let me know down below! New videos to come soon so tell me what you would like to see!

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Will Drug Testing Tents at Music Festivals Improve Safety?

Will Drug Testing Tents at Music Festivals Improve Safety?

It’s the summer and for hundreds of thousands that means a trip to a music festival. But along with beer and bands, illegal substances also feature for many gig goers.

Now the Boomtown Fair in Hampshire has become one of the first festivals to offer on-site drug testing. But with drug deaths at a record high, is this a pragmatic solution prioritising safety over the law or effectively condoning illegal drug use?

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