Festival Data: Tracking the Gender Balance of Music Festivals

Narrated by Quinn Moreland
Written by Rob Mitchum and Diego Garcia-Olano
Executive producer RJ Bentler
Animated by Al Gandy
Edited by Troy Buckley
Design by Patrick Jenkins
Mixed by Brendon Anderegg

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Festival Data: Tracking the Gender Balance of Music Festivals

9 June 2018 music festivals , , , , , ,

28 Responses to “Festival Data: Tracking the Gender Balance of Music Festivals”

  1. phase3prophet says:

    i assumed this video was about festival attendees. i wish it was.

  2. jo says:

    Postmodernism is cancer

  3. Froggie says:

    Why couldn't you guys get a male narator to break the trend of female only narators on gender based thinkpiece videos? That would be the equality I'm looking for. teehee xd

  4. Anonymous Insomniac says:

    0/10 bait. it's about the music

  5. YoungChe 23 says:

    Fuck ass video

  6. Niko Kääpä says:

    Saw the title, clicked to see the like/dislike-ratio: Even worse than I expected 😀

    My two cents: I think it's naive to think that this has nothing at all to do with the fact, that there could potentially be fewer female musicians in general. It is definitely stupid to say: Song A is by male, Song B is by female, Song C is by other, all songs are equally as worthy and good. Music is music and should ONLY be ever judged by it's artistic merits and not by the gender of artist/writer. There should not be a 50/50 gender ratio anywhere. I don't understand how people are so shortsighted think that would not lead to further problems.

  7. Fausto Llampallas says:

    I've been a feminist since I was 12 years old because I just can't understand how men can treat women with hate just for the sake of it. That being said, I disagree strongly with the stance Pitchfork takes in this video. First of all, gender equality is not about having 50/50 gender ratio on everything. It's about giving equal opportunities. Granted, there is a very distinct predominance of male artist on festivals. That's due to popularity and genre. I don't think somone can argue that women haven't had the opportunity to really prove themselves as musicians. There are at least several female soloists that can (and have) booked an entire stadium for several days. The problem maybe have something to do with musical education or something with the development of the young female artists on specific genres. I think forcing the festivals to have a 50/50 gender lineup would only make the problem more controversial, separate fans of music and eventually kill the festivals. I agree gender, race and other conditions of social disadvantage/advantage influence music on a big way. But what about talking about those issues and not trying to force a simple number so sensitive people are happy. That's ridiculous. People go to festivals to enjoy artists they want to listen live, they don't go because of the gender balance on their lineup. Although an interesting study of the lineups in festivals, the underlying message that Pitchfork tries to shove is why people dislike feminism without really understanding it.

  8. Mark Santos says:

    Dubious statistics that don't account important variables such as the artists' ability to sell tickets or the festival's budget. Would expect as much from gender studies majors.

  9. Nathan says:

    I would have never thought about this had someone not made a video on it. Seems very divisive and like you're trying to make something out of nothing.

  10. Thomas Wilson says:

    Guys, don't shoot the messenger. Obviously just 50/50 splitting lineups doesn't fix the music industry, but it's important to recognize how homogeneous the circuit is. Yes, this video is condescendingly self-righteous, it's fucking Pitchfork, but don't dismiss everything it's saying outright.

  11. Tyler Nugs says:

    This Is great satire kudos pitchfork

  12. kapote 1 says:

    Look at the female hype created by… female youtubers. So much equality in it

  13. kapote 1 says:

    Fuck you PCfork

  14. LuxuryWhip says:

    who cares about this GARBAGE

  15. V Lenssen says:

    Stop this post-modern BS. Music is not about gender or anything els but music. Stop separating people!
    This is just capitalism choosing bands that brings the most people. Unfortunately it are bands with mainly male musicians, SORRY.

  16. Ross Carroll says:

    Big music festival companies honestly don't care about gender, race or sexuality of their artists. They are only interested in maximising profit. They make decisions for acts based upon who people want to see. Making money doesn't hold prejudice.

  17. Omar Gibran says:

    Fuck this millennial shit
    BORING AF 😪😪😪
    What's next? Marxism?
    Do a fuckin video about St ANGER now, you wanks

  18. WaffleNinja47 says:

    Beyonce literally headlined Coachella. Stfu

  19. Number Elijah says:

    Pitchfork is trying to suck at this point

  20. Sgt Eddie says:

    WOAH Pitchfork yall need to crack down on the cocaine there

  21. RobSlipKoDi says:

    Guys listen to music more and are more dedicated to their bands etc.

  22. Loren Peterson says:

    Great video, gender inequality definitely effects the world of music, just like everywhere else

  23. Sado says:

    LOOOL … I dont know, maybe cuz theres not enough female musicians that people wanna hear (even though this video claims that there are as many women with the fucking organisers and their 'nets' – but that doesnt mean those are ones which people would like to hear or would enjoy necessarily. Most big names with large fanbases that attract lots of customers are largely male). Also because there aren't as many women in music, especially in rap/hip hop/trap/grime which is where most artists come from for these festivals (travis scott, post malone, stormzy,etc). That doesnt mean women are being discriminated against by these organisers – theyre just picking the best and most famous musicians which are relevant today – from which most HAPPEN to be male. People simply creating problems where there are none these days.

  24. heyyomane says:

    unsubbed you fucking mentally ill cunts

  25. Oisín Joyce says:

    Please fuck off

  26. Euan Murphy says:

    Great video! All these people commenting about how what only matters is the music don't seem to understand that female musicians are constantly ignored by the music festival industry regardless of the quality of their music.

  27. 1videofiend says:

    The Arts, Education, and Western Governments have a problem…it's called "Cultural Marxism"
    Cultural Marxists believe "there's a problem" …everywhere, and they're going to FORCE the fix.
    Cultural Marxists believe in "Equality" Not equality of OPPORTUNITY, but instead equality of OUTCOME.
    It's not enough that ALL GOOD MUSICIANS have a chance to win a spot at a music festival…no,
    Cultural Marxists INSIST that the numbers match up, regardless of talent. An identical representation
    of internal genitalia vs external genitalia. They would sit there, smugly & self satisfied listening to sh*t…
    and FORCE you to listen as well! So you tell me, what PROBLEM EXACTLY, DO WE NEED TO FIX?!

    PS: F*CK-OFF YOU STUPID B*TCH!… (and have a nice day)

  28. jh72826 Harris says:

    I will admit that there is a gender imbalance at music festivals but this seems like your using this problem to advertise your music festival.

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